Excellent snorkeling spot

Jansom Bay, Koh Tao

Jansom Bay, a small private bay, with a petite beach, is renowned for its excellent snorkeling. The sandy sea floor makes swimming here good enough even at very low tide, as the water is always deep enough to swim and snorkel comfortably.

Anemone fish at Jansom Bay, Koh Tao
At Jansom Bay, you can find some marine life not typically encountered elsewhere. The species include Yellow boxfish, Yellowmargin triggerfish, Blue-spotted stingrays, Porcupine pufferfish, and even octopus! The recommended snorkeling spot is around the cape to the north (left-hand side when facing the ocean).

To access the beach, visitors must walk through Charm Churee Resort from Mae Haad Bay. There is an entrance fee of 200 Baht per person due to its private property status. From Jansom Bay, you can continue walking along the coastline to Sai Nuan Beach, June Bay, and even to Chalok Baan Kao Bay. Read more about Mae Haad – Sai Nuan – Chalok Baan Kao hiking trail.

Located directly in front of Jansom Bay is one of Koh Tao dive sites known as Three Rocks. The site features a series of submerged pinnacles that is home to various fish including angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, as well as bigger ones like barracudas and groupers. The visibility is usually good, and the currents are gentle, making it suitable for divers of all levels.

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To access the beach, visitors must walk through Charm Churee Villa Resort from Mae Haad Bay.


Hotels in Koh Tao Southwest Coast

There are three resorts here, two luxury; Charm Churee Resort and Bamboo Huts and a third offering budget bungalow accommodation. A quiet place to stay, with very few visitors during the day…


Road access
Concrete road. Entry rules : No fins allowed.