Koh Tao's port town

Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao

Mae Haad Bay is Koh Tao’s port town where all piers are located. It retains a strong sense of the local Thai way of life. The bay is where you can find government offices, hospital, banks, school, and temple.

Piers at Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao

Mae Haad Bay is a good place for shopping for Thai souvenirs, beachwear, beach games, and handmade jewellery. There are dive equipment stores where you can buy everything from masks and fins for snorkeling to the latest scuba diving gear. Local fresh market shops and stalls are also located here, where tropical fruit and local ingredients are found.

An exciting place to snorkel in Mae Haad Bay is the shipwreck that sank in 1962, located at the south end of the bay in front of Sensi Paradise Resort. There are generally lots of fish here, and you may be accompanied by a massive school of fusiliers and the blue spotted rays and sweetlips hiding about the place.

Getting around Koh Tao by foot from this bay is safe and easy, but be careful on the main roads. Go north to Sairee Beach if you are looking for crowds and convenience, or go south to Sai Nuan Beach for a ‘back to nature’ feel and its peaceful simplicity, reminiscent of Koh Tao in days gone by. A small brick beach road, no cars, just a few bikes, will take you to Sairee Beach, while a walkway along the southwestern coast will lead to Jansom Bay, Sai Nuan Beach and June Juea Bay in less than an hour.

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The French Market Restaurant

An exciting place to snorkel in this area is the shipwreck that sank in 1962, located at the south end of the bay.

The Best Restaurants in Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao

Seaside Restaurant

Seaside Restaurant, Koh Tao
Experience the best of Southern Thai seafood at Seaside Restaurant. Situated on a cliff overlooking Sairee Beach, this family-run eatery offers fresh, high-quality seafood with stunning sunset views. Managed by passionate culinary experts, it provides panoramic vistas of Mae Haad Bay and Sairee Beach, making it perfect for…

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The French Market Koh Tao

The French Market Koh Tao, Mae Haad Bay
The French Market is situated along the main road in Mae Haad, where you’ll discover an inviting patio and a stylish air-conditioned dining area for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner indulgence. The restaurant opens early to serve an array of freshly baked delights, including baguettes, delectable chocolate croissants…

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Cafe del Sol, Mae Haad Bay

Cafe del Sol Restaurant Koh Tao
Cafe del Sol, established in 1999 on Koh Tao, offers a fusion of French and Italian cuisine near the piers. Chef Roberto and friends founded it as the island’s first French restaurant, aiming for customer satisfaction. They serve breakfast with options like omelettes, set German, muesli with yoghurt, and fresh juices…

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The Best Diving Schools in Mae Haad Bay

French Kiss Divers

French Kiss Divers Koh Tao
First opened in 2012, French Kiss Divers Koh Tao is an SSI affiliated diving school that focuses on the Francophone traveller market who come to the island. Although it is a smaller diving school, French Kiss Divers has provided a name for itself for all the different training opportunities they offer in the diving field…

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Impian Divers, Koh Tao

Impian Divers, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao
Impian Divers teaches most of their courses following the IDD program (Instructor Dive Development), which is a well-known European professional dive organisation and is internationally recognised. PADI and SSI courses are offered as well; however, most students get IDD certified. All dive courses are taught…

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Escape Divers

Escape Divers, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao
Escape Divers, a new RAID diving school in Mae Haad Bay offers excellent diving experiences for all levels. Their expert instructors, and new equipment ensure a captivating underwater adventure. Conveniently located near the main pier of Koh Tao, they provide hassle-free dives with discounts…

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Road access
Good concrete road throughout.