The closest bay to Shark Island

Sai Daeng Beach

Sai Daeng Beach, Koh Tao

Sai Daeng Beach is a small-sized sandy beach with crystal clear water and a great view of Shark Island. It is a good place to see the ‘Golden Shark Island’ phenomenon, which occasionally happens just before sunset, depending on weather conditions and cloud cover.

Sai Daeng Beach is also the closest bay to Shark Island, taking just 10 minutes to get there by kayak in calm weather. Underwater here is good to explore with more chances to find blacktip reef sharks or sea turtles that live nearby Shark Bay.

Good snorkeling spots are on the west, and east ends of the bay, where various kinds of coral are combined with rocks. You may swim east around the Cape Gong Sai Daeng to Hin Ngam Bay (which means “beautiful rocks” in Thai). As its name suggests, the bay is laid about with beautiful big round-shaped rocks underwater, and the many corals make it one of the best snorkeling spots of Koh Tao, though be careful of the current around the cape.

The roads to this beach have been blocked, so visitors must pass through either one of the two resorts. Visitors are welcome, and there is no entry fee.

Cape Shark

Hin Ngam Bay is laid about with beautiful big round rocks, and many corals make it a very good snorkeling spot.


Hotels in Koh Tao East Coast

A remote bay but not difficult to access. There are only two resorts located on this beach. You can choose a huge luxury resort or a chilled-out family-run resort


Top Hotels in Sai Daeng Beach, Koh Tao

Sai Daeng Resort

Sai Daeng Resort, Sai Daeng Beach, Koh Tao
Discover Sai Daeng Resort, an exquisite retreat perched on Koh Tao’s southeastern cape. Immerse yourself in nature as you stay in tropical loft-style bungalows, seamlessly blending with untouched rocks and trees inside and outside your rooms. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a group adventure for up to 10…

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Snorkeling in Hin Ngam Bay, Koh Tao

Road access
Good condition concrete road, but steep at the end.