Shark Bay, Koh Tao

Shark Bay is a private bay on Koh Tao boasting a stunning beach with fine white sand. It is shaded by tall coconut trees and a unique plant known as Pemphis Acidula, locally referred to as ‘Thian,’ which is how the bay got its original name, Thian Og Bay.

Shark Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand

Situated on the serene island of Koh Tao, Shark Bay offers a tranquil, relaxing setting. Its name derives from the frequent appearances of Blacktip reef sharks in this area. There is an admission fee for accessing the main entrance, but you can also reach the bay by boat or kayak. Alternatively, you can access it through Taatoh Seaview Resort or another hotel on the east shore of Chalok Baan Kao Bay, both of which connect to the western shore of Shark Bay. This part of Koh Tao also serves as a sanctuary for young sharks, making it possible to spot them during certain times of the year. To see larger sharks, you’ll need to swim approximately 250 meters from the beach, where the water depth drops to 3-4 meters. They are more commonly found near the east shore, close to Sai Daeng Beach.

Keep an eye out for green turtles as well, as many live in this bay. Some of these turtles are impressively large, measuring over a meter in length. These creatures are known for their friendly nature and lack of fear toward humans. They might even swim quite close to you. However, it’s crucial to refrain from touching them, as the bacteria on our skin can adversely affect their health. While the coral reef in Shark Bay suffered significant damage from the El Nino in 1998, it remains the only place on Koh Tao where you can reliably encounter sea turtles every day.

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Shark Bay offers a tranquil, relaxing setting. It is shaded by tall coconut trees and a unique plant known as Pemphis Acidula.

Koh Tao Hotels

Hotels in Koh Tao East Coast

There is a choice of accommodation, with resorts on either side of the bay and the hill. Scenic sea views are easily found, and wide vistas of the white sand beach can be seen from the hilltop…


Top Hotels near Shark Bay, Koh Tao

Jamahkiri Diving Resort

Jamahkiri Resort, Shark Bay, Koh Tao
Jamahkiri Diving Resort Koh Tao, known as the island’s first luxury 5-star spa resort, offers a complete indulgent experience to ensure your trip is unforgettable. You’ll find a variety of elegant suites, rooms, and the new pool villas, all equipped with excellent amenities and boasting breathtaking ocean views…

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Cape Shark Villas

Cape Shark Villas, Koh Tao
Cape Shark Villas is a highly-rated destination for tourists, celebrities, and famous athletes. The estate features unique villas with private infinity pools overlooking Shark Bay, Koh Tao. Most villas are pet-friendly, offering AC, and well-equipped kitchens. Food delivery is convenient, and daily minibar restocking…

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Villas del Sol, Shark Bay

Villas del Sol, Shark Bay, Koh Tao
Escape to serene luxury pool villas at Villas del Sol Koh Tao. These Mediterranean-style villas offer sea views amid lush tropical surroundings. With only three villas, it’s perfect for travellers and families seeking tranquillity. Choose Villa Solana for a romantic 1-bedroom escape or Villa Eliana…

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Taatoh Seaview Resort

Taatoh Seaview Resort, Koh Tao
Taatoh Seaview Resort in Koh Tao’s Shark Bay offers charming bungalows with sea views, AC, and private balconies. Their hillside location is easily accessible from the main road. Enjoy mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, and dine at the on-site restaurant with panoramic sea views, serving authentic Thai cuisine…

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Snorkeling with Green Turtles

Road access
Best access by boat. An entrance fee is charged.