Gong Sai Daeng

Shark Island, Koh Tao

A small isle 800 meters south of Koh Tao, Shark Island offers excellent snorkeling, especially in the northwest where shallow waters are, while scuba divers prefer exploring the deeper terrain towards the east.

Looking Shark Island from Aow Leuk
Shark Island isn’t named for its predatory sea creatures but rather for its shark fin-like appearance when viewed from certain angles. Locals refer to it as “Gong Sai Daeng,” with “Gong” meaning pinnacle and “Sai Daeng” being the name of the beach opposite the island. The occasional currents bring in nutrient-rich waters, encouraging abundant marine ecosystem. In the shallow waters, you’ll see groupers, turtles, and schools of raccoon butterflyfish. Along the eastern coast, there are nurseries of nudibranchs. To the south of the island lies a vibrant soft coral garden. Moreover, large pelagic species like whale sharks, Bryde’s whales, and pilot whales are also spotted around this beautiful dive site, where the maximum depth exceeds 30 meters.

Shark Island is uninhabited. To get there, you can either hire a taxi boat or rent a kayak from nearby bays. It’s a quick paddle of less than 10 minutes from the nearest beach, Sai Daeng Beach, or 15-20 minutes from Aow Leuk Bay. However, be cautious of the strong currents in the channel between the island and Koh Tao. Furthermore, dive boats from nearby diving schools regularly make trips to the island.

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Shark Island, Koh Tao aerial video