Tanote Bay, Koh Tao

Tanote Bay is located on the east coast of Koh Tao. It is surrounded by verdant high hills and large boulders, including one in the middle of the bay, which is well known for rock jumping.

All buildings in the bay are far from the sea, so there is a large beach area, ideal for sunbathing, playing beach games, or having a picnic. It offers privacy but not much shade.

This is a nice place to view the sunrise on Koh Tao, a beautiful way to start your day. Snorkeling is excellent, with a great variety of coral and fairly large fish that can be seen just a few steps into the water. Kayaks are available, and from here, you can go to the isolated and pristine bay of Laem Thian which is inaccessible by car. This is a great idea for a half-day trip, though it is easy to spend a full day there.

The mountainous terrain of Tanote Bay is also amazing to explore. You can hike to three stunning viewpoints; West Coast Viewpoint, Tanote Peak, and Orchid Peak. Walking uphill from the bay to the first viewpoint takes only half an hour. From the West Coast Viewpoint, you can continue your hike in the jungle to either Sairee Beach or Laem Thian.

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Villa Resort
Chor Mae Tapee

Snorkeling is excellent here, with a great variety of coral and some fairly large fish that can be seen just a few steps into the water.


Hotels in Tanote Bay, Koh Tao

There are more accommodation choices here than in any other place on the east coast, and there are restaurants and bars apart from the resort’s facilities that you can choose from…


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Road access
Good concrete road. Steep down to the bay.