Freedom Beach, Koh Tao

Freedom Beach is the most popular small beach on the south coast of Koh Tao. The beach has fine white sand and is beautifully shaded with Pemphis Acidula trees.

Freedom Beach is an ideal place of Koh Tao for leisurely relaxation with your favourite book or sunbathing. The beach is scenic, and the sea water is often crystal clear, so a wonderful spot for swimming and snorkeling. A shallow coral reef is not too far out, and you can see Hin Taa Toh (or Buddha Rock) standing out on the cape. If you swim around this cape, schools of fish can often be found due to the constant water movement here. Before reaching the cape, you will pass Haad Taa Toh Lek , a tiny, isolated beach surrounded by coconut jungle.

Don’t forget to visit Koh Tao’s most famous mountaintop John-Suwan Viewpoint near Freedom Beach. This lookout provides a stunning panoramic view that encompasses both Chalok Baan Kao Bay and Shark Bay at the same time. It takes about 10 minutes to climb the steep hill. Additionally you can also visit Taa Toh Yai Beach using the concrete walkway along the coast. You can even continue walking to the bigger bay of Chalok Baan Kao on a low tide.

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Freedom Beach is scenic, and the water is often crystal clear, so a wonderful spot for swimming and snorkeling.


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It is on the East side of Chalok Baan Kao Bay, Koh Tao, just a three-minute ride from the town. It’s a pristine beach often visited by locals and holidaymakers alike…


Road access
Rough concrete road.
Beach rules : An entrance fee is charged. No food and drinks brought to the beach. No access at night. No fishing.