A well-known dive establishment on Koh Tao

Big Blue Diving

Big Blue Diving, Koh Tao

Big Blue Diving opened in 1991 and has remained a well-known dive establishment on Koh Tao. Located in the centre of Sairee village, Big Blue has its dive school operated in Silver Sand Beachfront Resort. Guests diving with them can enjoy the poolside bar or soak in all the beach activities, sunsets, bars and restaurants in Sairee Beach.

Big Blue offers accommodation within Silver Sand Resort, including air-conditioned bungalows and poolside rooms. They can stay at our poolside chalets with air-conditioning, or Pool Villa options 5 minutes’ walk from the dive school.

Big Blue Diving is well-known for its scuba diving courses. SSI scuba dive courses are primarily taught; however, some PADI courses are also available. Training sessions are done at the swimming pool with all equipment included. The dive school also has their own boats that dock in the bay nearby, so getting started on your day of scuba diving is effortless. In addition to SSI beginner, advanced, and rescue courses, many travellers end up staying longer on Koh Tao to complete their SSI professional dive guide training or the SSI instructor course. Big Blue also has the largest Japanese-language dive school, Big Blue Chaba, in Sairee Beach village.

Big Blue Diving offers a bit of everything for those looking to make the most of their holiday.

Big Blue Diving Resort Koh Tao
Along with the professional route, Big Blue Diving Koh Tao also offers eco-internships. The staff has worked with their in-house marine biologists to develop a 1-week, 2-week, or month-long eco-internship where divers can study and learn about the marine ecosystem at the dive school’s very own house reef that has been built and maintained over the years. There are also TDI and SSI technical diving courses and freediving courses to take. Big Blue Diving offers a bit of everything for those looking to make the most of their holiday. The courses and activities offered can keep the curious traveler busy and content. Welcome to Big Blue!

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