The original flavor of American BBQ

Flaming Hog BBQ, Koh Tao

Are you ready for an authentic American BBQ experience in Koh Tao? Look no further than Flaming Hog at the center of Sairee! With a fusion of Jim’s passion and his father’s award-winning recipes, you’re in for a treat unlike any other.

Flaming Hog BBQ Combo Koh Tao
Don’t miss out on their popular Combo, offering a delightful assortment of the best hickory-smoked, secret recipe ribs, and chicken. Prepare to dig in with your hands and savor the incredible melt-in-your-mouth, full-flavored ribs, prepared for over 24 hours. At Flaming Hog BBQ, you’ll find Hickory-smoked buffalo wings, giving a unique and irresistible flavor. They are not only delicious but also a healthier alternative to fried wings. There’s a sauce for every taste bud, from classic blue cheese to homemade ranch dressing, to mouthwatering mango Habanero BBQ and original BBQ sauce. Be sure to try their Texas Chili Bowl, crowned ‘The Best Chili in Texas’ for a reason. Packed with flavorful beef, pork shoulder, pinto beans, and cheese, it’s a bowl full of pure yumminess. Don’t forget to pair it with their homemade cornbread, drizzled with real honey, for the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Crafted from scratch with top-notch ingredients, their generous dishes are a true delight.

Crafted from scratch with top-notch ingredients, their generous dishes are a true delight.

Elevating the classic street food experience, Flaming Hog’s hot dogs are made with the best ingredients like Polish ultra-premium sausages. The homemade side dishes are a must-try! From hand-cut chili cheese fries to corn on the cob, jacket potato, coleslaw, parmesan zucchini sticks, and potato salad. Enjoy these high-quality meals delivered hot to your doorstep at no extra cost. Complete your meal with a choice of refreshing beverages such as a frozen margarita or select from their classic or specialty cocktails for a satisfying drink.

Indulge in the original flavors at Flaming Hog BBQ!

Flaming Hog Koh Tao Hot Dog