An original Koh Tao's atmosphere

Cape Je Ta Kang

Cape Je Ta Kang, Koh Tao

A small cape on the west, sandwiched between two beaches. Cape Je Ta Kang is a very secluded area with an original island feel to it with its quiet and laid back atmosphere.

The one resort here is a small, family run place with simple bungalows, restaurant and facilities. This is a great hideaway if you want somewhere peaceful and out the way.

Cape Je Ta Kang is a very good snorkelling point and a good tip is to swim around it from one beach to the other as you might see some interesting fish such as the harlequin sweetlips, or the orange spine unicorn fish. Turtles are also known to sometimes visit here. In the evenings, the cape is a great place to come to see the sunset.

From here you can visit a couple of other beautiful beaches, both nearby within walking or swimming distance. Go north to Sai Nuan Beach or south to June Juea Bay. Both are quiet and pristine areas. Walk to June Juea by using a small trail from Tao Thong 2 Villa to avoid traffic on the concrete road.

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The cape is a great hideaway if you want somewhere peaceful.

Koh Tao accommodation in Cape Je Ta Kang


A small, very isolated cape with two small beaches on opposite sides. A great place to get away from it all and to unwind in a serene and unspoiled natural environment. Usually very quiet with few visitors…


Road access
A very steep concrete road. Walk here from Mae Haad Bay in the north through Jansom Bay and Sai Nuan Beach, or from Chalok Baan Kao Bay in the south through June Juea Bay.